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Books Currently Closed!  Thanks for your patience and support! 

Happy 2024 friends! I’ve decided to switch things up this year.  For the time being I won’t be booking any new tattoos so that I can focus more on my artwork, friends and family.  If you already have an appointment or are waiting to reschedule I will definitely still get you on the books.  I’ll also still be available for questions/consultations regarding future tattoo ideas.  Feel free to contact me.


This year I’m excited to focus primarily on drawing/painting and create all new works that better reflects who I am and how I see things today.  I’m going to also attempt to document and share some of this journey so stay tuned!  Follow me on IG: @eastlaketattoo

Thanks everyone for being patient and understanding. I have a hunch that this process will positively influence my tattooing in the future too, whenever that may be(; 


Eastlake Tattoo is dedicated to producing high quality tattoo work that pays tribute to the classics while staying current with the changing times. Whether it's a timeless piece of flash or a custom sleeve, I want your tattoo to bring a lifetime of enjoyment. I am well-versed in many styles, including neo-traditional, geometric, black and grey, and more! Books are currently closed, but feel free to call or email if you have any questions.                                                       


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